My name is Sri, and I’m a photographer.
I grew up in Hyderabad, India, a city known for its culture, its cuisine. Its history and heritage. It’s rich, beating heart of color, and climate. Its people and its presence. Its layers on layers of beauty and wonder just waiting to be explored, and it's here that I fell in love with photography.
When I left India in the pursuit of my education, I found myself in Scotland studying my masters, but beyond finding myself in another place, I discovered another world. I realized then that photography could be anything. That it didn’t have to be colors and buildings, but that it could be swirling, cloud filled skies, rain drenched dawns, and people wrapped up against the cold.
The camera then became not a device to capture beauty for myself, but a lens through which I could show the world.
srikant (2).png
Every time I go out to explore, embracing the opportunities that come my way, I always keep my finger on the shutter, ready to capture even the most fleeting occurrences, because I find that it’s often the ones that people don’t see which are the most eye opening.
As warm a place as that point and shoot I first started with will always keep in my heart, times, and technologies have changed.
Using my Canon 60 D, with an array of quality lenses, I’ve been able to diversify into almost every facet of photography, and as such am hugely excited to extend my services to you. If you need something shot, captured, or celebrate, then let me discover the beauty in it, and make it yours forever.
  Because, at the end of the day, it’s "You in the frame", and your moments should be yours, forever.

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